why are 12-15 year olds so obnoxious they roam in packs and they’re so loud for no reason i can’t wait for one of your moms to pick you up and carpool you all away

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girl: i’m not a feminist 



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Lana Del Rey - Yayo (Original Edit)

You have to take me right now 
From this dark trailer park 
Life now, yayo, how now, yayo

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I can’t wait for the day that instead of “It’s late, I have to go.” you will say “It’s late, let’s go to bed.”

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There is nothing wrong with having a bad day, nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with putting your jammies on and staying in. The world will wait, the world will not combust because you can’t force a smile. - Sharon Rooney

bottom right she literally looks like an oil painting

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being romantically frustrated is 1000000 worse than being sexually frustrated because you can get yourself off but you can’t spoon with yourself and kiss your own forehead

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I wear too much black and too much makeup and also I really like John Green. He's like God, but with a capitol G-O-D. I listen to too much of the Arctic Monkeys and feel like I'm trapped in a goddamn coming-of-age movie. Except maybe it was directed by my eighth grade English teacher and not someone reputable. Maybe I'm just a teenage dirtbag like you. Who even knows anymore. If you couldn't tell I really like pink except red lipstick is better. I can sort of hablo espanol but not really. A girl can try though. One more thing- If my life's a movie, then where's my happy ending? Movies about teens always have happy endings.

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